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Hello! Thank you for visiting me! And let's get acquainted!

My name is Nadia and I make wooden toys... no, not that way... let's go again...
My name is Nadia (nothing has changed here =) and I am the mother of a 4 year old boy!

When I became a happy mother, I, just like you, began to wonder which toys would be useful for my child and which would not.
Because everything that our children play with is of great importance and it is we, the adults, who decide what our child will play with. After all, toys help a child to explore this wonderful world from the very beginning of life.

But I could not always find the toys I wanted or find toys of such quality that would suit me. And so I decided to try to make the toys I needed myself. I made the drawings of the elements I needed, ordered the blanks, bought natural paint and brushes, and started tinkering ... and that's how it all began.

Then some of my acquaintances, mothers like me, began to ask to do the same for them, so I got carried away with making wooden toys that then I simply could not stop. After a while, my husband and I organized our own workshop, purchased hand tools.

This is how this WoodenEducationalToy store turned out, where you can find a variety of educational handmade wooden toys for toddlers.

We make toys in very small batches. We use wood and non-toxic water-based paint. I believe that handmade toys keep the warmth of our hands, because I make every toy as for my beloved son.

Best regards, Nadia

Wooden Educational Toys
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