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Montessori Color Sorting Activities for Preschoolers Wood Block with Cylinders

Montessori Color Sorting Activities for Preschoolers Wood Block with Cylinders

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Wooden Color Sorting toy Lacing Bar Sorter is a logic game for the smallest fidgets, where you need to find each peg its place in the bar. Despite the obvious simplicity, the kid will not immediately guess the rules of the games and will spend many joyful minutes trying to unravel the ropes and place the pegs.

The game is a sorter where you need to pass the pegs through the openings of the bar. The difficulty lies in the fact that the sizes of the four pegs differ - from small to large - and the baby needs to find only one suitable opening.
The length of the thread allows you to pass the pegs through the bar several times, which further confuses the baby.
In the process, the child learns to distinguish the sizes and shapes of objects, and also repeats the color palette: red, blue, green and yellow. It develops logic and hand coordination. He gets used to working with ropes and in the future easily learns to tie shoelaces on sneakers.
If the game becomes too easy for him, you can go from the opposite - the parent diligently tangles the pegs together, and the child tries to unravel the labyrinth of threads.
Show how to push the peg through the opening of the bar. Let the kid choose the one he likes and try it himself - ask what color it is.
Tangle a few threads together - let the kid guess how to unravel them and pull out the pegs.

Set includes:
- bar with 4 holes 2x7 inch (50x175 mm.) - 1 pcs.
- pair of cylinders of different sizes and colors connected with a cotton cord - 2 pcs.

- linden wood.
- natural colored wax and oil for children's toys.

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