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DHL Courier Express Shipping

DHL Courier Express Shipping

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Choose this option and you will get an outstanding international service from one of the best transport company.

By ordering this listing you can upgrade from standard to DHL express shipping.

International express deliver service faster 2-8 business days.

Take a look for DHL shipping

Innovative DHL Express service designed to reduce failed delivery attempts and improve the Receiver experience

• SMS and email messages keep Receivers informed of estimated delivery dates.
• Receivers choose from six delivery options via the On Demand Delivery website.
• Global deployment ensures consistent Receiver experience and service standards.
• Shippers have the flexibility to choose which delivery options are presented to Receivers.

Online platform with delivery pre-notification and standard delivery options

• Notifies Receivers of scheduled delivery date and time.
• Offers standard and flexible delivery options.

How it works:
1. Receiver is notified by email/SMS.
2. Access ODD via smart link on PC or mobile device.
3. Makes delivery option change request.
4. DHL receives and executes the request.
5. Receiver gets an updated notification.
6. Delivered according to Receiver’s instruction.
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