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Color Sorting for Toddlers Montessori Rainbow Toy Cylinders and Balls

Color Sorting for Toddlers Montessori Rainbow Toy Cylinders and Balls

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Cylinders & the Ball is a toy set that includes 8 rainbow wooden balls, 8 larger wooden opening cylinders, bowl and tweezers.

This ball and cylinders set appeals to a wide range of ages and encourages a wide range of play ideas. In the beginning you can play peekaboo with young children, hiding the ball inside the matching cylinders, children will enjoy replicating this game.

A simple Montessori toy sorting game can be played encouraging by sorting the balls into their correct cylinders but children are free to mix and match as they please too. A beautiful way for little ones to discover colours. Older children can use the wooden balls for all kind of games and the pretty wooden cylinders can be used to keep treasures and play filling games.

The opening halves of cylinders and solid balls allow you to develop logical and mathematical thinking by classifying, grouping and combining elements through the attribute of color and / or form.

Wooden Lacing toy Rainbow Balls toy for toddler Baby have not only entertain children, but also help their development.
Rainbow Wooden Beads of bright colors will undoubtedly attract the attention of the baby.
This Montessori toy can be sorted by color, and also stringed on a cord in a certain order, by learning to classify.
The Montessori Educational toy will be very useful for the full and harmonious development of the baby.
The simple and reliable design of Wooden Lacing will serve the child for many years.

Set includes:
- Rainbow colored wooden ball 1.2 inch (30 mm) - 8 pcs.
- Rainbow colored wooden opening cylinders diameter 1.6 inches (40 mm) x height 2 inches (50 mm) - 8 pcs.
- Bowl diameter 4.5 inches (115 mm) x height 2 inches (50 mm) - 1 pcs.
- Wooden stick bound with a twisted rope made of 100% cotton - 1 pcs.
- Wooden tweezers - 1 pcs

- Linden wood.
- Natural colored wax and oil for children's toys.

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