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Montessori Pastel Ring Stacker Toy

Montessori Pastel Ring Stacker Toy

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The Wooden Ring Stacker Toy Pastel is the cutest handmade educational toy which babies like very much!

Wooden Round Pyramid - this toy is a classic, suitable for both small babies and older children. Stringing rings on the pin, the child learns to understand the sequence, size, exploring color.

Wood stacking tower is the beginning of learning the crumbs. Round Pyramid, which could be the first toy with which the baby starts to learn and play at the same time. The circular pyramid is a classic of the genre, especially since it is made of wood, and this material, not only harmless to the child, but also useful in many ways. It is a sensory experience, and the ratio of weight and size.

Approximate size: 4.7x7 inch (120 x 180 mm).

Set includes:
- Wooden discs - 7 pcs.
- Base of the pyramid - 1 pcs.

- Linden wood.
- Color Wax.

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