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Wood Baby Blocks

Wood Baby Blocks

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This is a logical and fascinating game in which many tasks of the development of children from 1 year old and practically to school are solved.

Cubes are an excellent building material and are ideal for building everything in the world. When interacting with wooden cubes, the baby forms the correct knowledge about the weight of the object, and tactile impressions become richer.

The game consists of very nice and tangible cubes. Feel how brains move =)

Game Rules Count the Cubes
Show fantasy. Before you complete the tasks, have your child show creativity, dream up and assemble various cubes figures yourself.

Logic game. In accordance with the task cards, the child must first count and then collect the figures from the cubes.

1) Choose one of the cards with tasks, depending on the age of the child.
2) First, calculate how many cubes you need to assemble the figure depicted on the task card, and only then begin to assemble it. Count the required number of cubes.
3) Build the shape of the cubes shown on the task card from the counted cubes.
Check: did you have enough cubes or were there any unused cubes?
There are tasks in which some cubes are hidden behind others. Do not forget to count them.

The tasks are numbered by the level of complexity: from easy to hard.

We train memory and attention. To develop memory, arrange such a game: make a composition of cubes, ask the child to remember it and collect it from memory.

The game Count the Cubes consists of:
- 30 cubes of beech tree size 1 inch (25 mm).
- cardboard field for composing compositions;
- 48 task cards; job cards size 6 х 6 inch (150 x 150 mm).
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