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Wood Peg Dolls Family Rainbow in Pastel Hats

Wood Peg Dolls Family Rainbow in Pastel Hats

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Set of wooden matching dolls in colored rainbow will be the brightest and favorite toy in your family. After all, Rainbow Gnomes have magical abilities. They can be mother's helpers and create magic - for example, to bring children gifts or notes with tasks for the day.

This set for color sorting will help your toddler to develop of color perception, coordination, spatial thinking, visual attention, fine motor skills, imagination, attention, memory and other skills.
Wonderful to learn colours and counting. Peg dolls is perfect for role-playing games.
The possibilities for play are as limitless as the imagination of the child.

Children are very fond of fairy gnomes! They are very cute, pleasant to the touch and painted in beautiful colors.

Set includes:
- peg dolls approximate size 2.4 inch (60 mm) with felt hat - 4 inch (100 mm) - 7 pcs.

- linden wood.
- natural colored wax for children's toys.

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