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Lacing Toy Wooden Stacking Stones Toy Neutral

Lacing Toy Wooden Stacking Stones Toy Neutral

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Wood Lacing Toy Balancing Stones for Baby is new take on the classic wooden building block. Unlike standard square blocks, these blocks have many sides and elongated shape making them more challenging to stack.

Inspired in Montessori proposals, this open ended toy can become a perfect stage props or mini worlds for developed amazing histories, like a jungle, icebergs, deserts, etc.

Rainbow building blocks i do promote creative, out of the box thinking and problem solving.

I make each one by hand so no two blocks are alike.
Our finish is 100% organic and non toxic.

This set of wooden stones are 100% done manually, so they keep the warmth and energy of natural wood.
Wood blocks are very pleasant to hold in their hands, as if they are warm and velvety to the touch!

These also make beautiful and classy decorative pieces.

Set includes:
- wood blocks measures approximately 1.2-2 inches (30-50 mm) - 7 pcs.
- wooden stick bound with a twisted rope - 1 pcs.

- Linden wood.
- Natural colored wax and oil for children's toys.

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