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Wooden Play Kitchen Dishes Set Toy for Toddlers

Wooden Play Kitchen Dishes Set Toy for Toddlers

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This beautiful handcrafted wooden table set is handcrafted from wood giving it an amazing minimalist look in natural and soft tones. Each product is very pleasant to hold in your hands, because they are velvety to the touch and much nicer and more environmentally friendly than a plastic table set.

What child does not like a game tableware set, because this is actually an important component of his harmonious development and upbringing. The dining set encourages a child's social skills and ability to play with others, as well as imaginative play by "serving" their dolls or stuffed animals.

Table set includes:
saucepan with a lid - 1 pc.
frying pan with a lid - 1 pc.
cutting board - 1 pc.
salt shaker - 1 pc.
rolling pin - 1 pc.
knife - 1 pc.
spoon - 2 pcs.
spatula - 1 pc.
plate - 2 pcs.
tureen - 2 pcs.
bottle - 1 pc.
table spoon - 1 pc.

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